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What makes a woman stylish

We see them around us wherever we go - the workplace, the supermarket or on the street. These women who look effortlessly stylish, wearing comfortable well fitting outfits that ooze style.
Women in stylist clothes walking down street

So what makes these women stand out as being stylish?  Firstly, like most things – what one person reads as stylish can be very different to what another person believes is stylish. Here is what I think…

She is definitely well groomed. Her hair is healthy and looks well cared for. Her skin glows. She wears makeup to accentuate her features and doesn’t look overdone. Her nails are nicely manicured – with or without colour. She looks like she cares about her appearance and not just her clothes. 

This woman looks confident and carries her style with an attitude that shows. She doesn’t care what others think about her style or sense of fashion because it’s a reflection of who she is rather than wearing the latest trends. Her clothes can be classic vintage pieces or edgy current styles that tell the world something about her personality. She’s not trying too hard. Her style comes naturally to her. 

She encourages you to notice something about her outfit – a piece of jewellery or some statement shoes. She adds the right number of accessories to add a little more to her look. She won’t confuse her observer with too many distracting elements but will focus your attention exactly where she wants it … highlighting her assets. 

Her look is current – even if she’s wearing head-to-toe vintage clothing. She knows how to pull it off without looking dated. She knows what’s fashionable as she walks in with her vintage coat paired with a simple t-shirt and jeans. 

She’s stylish because she owns her look. She’s confident in how she’s presenting herself to the world. It’s an attitude. It’s caring enough about how she looks to put effort into it – each and every day. She knows who she is and tells you without saying a word.

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