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Why bother?

An organized wardrobe can make dressing each day faster and easier. If you can see where everything is and know exactly where to find the piece you’re looking for, you’ll add minutes back to your day.

An organized space will also bring you a sense of calmness. A cluttered area can be frustrating to live in.

Start here...

Empty the contents of your wardrobe onto your bed. Make sure you have enough space to create three piles of clothes – KEEP, DONATE & BIN.

TIP: If you have a spare clothes rack, it will come in handy to arrange your clothes on. Try on any clothes you’re unsure about.

Does it•
• Fit well?
• Look great?
• Help you feel good?
• Pair back with other pieces in your wardrobe?
• Is it in good condition? No stains, holes, tears or
buttons missing?
• Does it fit in with your current lifestyle and
wardrobe needs?
• Does it compliment your current style?
• Do you love it?
• Have you worn it in the last year?

If you answered yes to all of these questions – then keep it.

Do you get sentimental?

Do you get sentimental about certain pieces of clothing? Perhaps you’re still holding on to the dress you wore at your engagement or the suit you wore at your first job interview.

If you’ll never wear it again and/or can’t bear to part with it, then pack it away in a box and store it.

TIP: Your wardrobe should only house clothing that will be worn on a regular basis.

Let's organize everything

Now that you’ve decided what will be staying in your wardrobe, let’s arrange it into my fail proof system. Group your clothing into categories – skirts, tops, jackets, dresses, etc. Each category should now be grouped according to colour. This category will have subcategories – short & long sleeved, printed and plain.

TIP: You can add another sub-category if needed – work vs casual pieces.

Arrange these categories as follows:
Short sleeved plain, printed plain, long sleeved plain, long sleeved printed. The colour groupings should move from light to dark – e.g. white, taupes, browns, reds, etc

Now repeat...

You can now repeat the process with your shoes and accessories.

TIP: There are so many organizing gadgets available online today. These can come in handy especially when storing your accessories.

Contact me to find
out how I can help
you with this process
and have a wardrobe
that works for you.

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